I’d never heard of Willis Earl Beal until this assignment, but now I kinda love him.  I haven’t been able to experience his music as much as I’d like to have, I haven’t heard the album, but he’s got an authentic and earnest love of making art and doing it passionately. The guy posts his address and if you write to him he’ll draw you a picture.  His phone number is posted to and if you call him he’ll sing you a song. Check out this short live performance and get a taste of how serious this guy is.

He has a very distinctive sketchy style and I did my best to reach in that direction with this piece and emulate him to a degree.  He likes drawing sexy ladies, self portraits, and his scenic Chicago stuff is great, reminds me of Wesley Willis.  I figured the title “Acousmatic Sorcery” warranted some surreal elements.  Done in 2B graphite.

Check out Consequence of Sound’s album review here.